Okay, maybe you don’t get this panel, even in remastered. Okay, yeah, it’s not a good joke if you have to explain it, but this goes into such convoluted geekery that while you may get part of it, you may not get all of it. Here’s a handy cheat sheet of things that would help you understand this comic:

  1. Knowledge of the first three “Bayformer” Transformers movies. If you haven’t seen them, I’m sorry, you should see them. If you’ve seen them, I’m sorry you’ve seen them. In these movies, the Transformer “Bumblebee” in his auto mode is a flashy, yellow, Camaro sports car.
  2. Knowledge of the self-destructing career of actor Shia LaBeouf, who starred in said movies as Sam Witwicky.
  3. An awareness that in “Generation One” of the Transformers (best known to Americans through the original Hasbro Transformers Toys and animated series, that the Transformer “Bumblebee” was, in his auto mode, a yellow Volkswagen beetle.
  4. In the animated series, Bumblebee (and the other Transformers) are befriended by a two humans, Spike Witwicky (who is apparently the inspiration for the movies’ Sam Witwicky, and his father. Spike often rides in Bumblebee and participates in Transformers adventures. For some reason, Spike and his dad almost always wear yellow boots and hard-hats.
  5. The “Matrix of Leadership” is a powerful glowing thingie normally carried by the leader of the Autobots.
  6. A Flux Capacitor is… Hey, it’s got NOTHING to do with “Transformers,” but you’ve GOT to know what a Flux Capacitor is, right?