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Anything done on the submarine Naughtyless is always fun. This one doesn’t have nearly as much steampunk flavor as later ones, but I’m always adding and upgrading the props, and I’ve continued to do so during the hiatus. You’ll see a lot of new and improved stuff in MAW 2.0. By the way, in case you can’t make out what Cap’n Rehab has hanging around his neck, it’s a little rubber duckie. It’s another one of those props that came into my possession entirely by accident (I think somebody, maybe my wife, handed it to me and said, “I but you could do something in Minions with this”) and immediately inspiration stuck. I figure it’s his “security duck.” I’m of the opinion, mental health professionals almost always seem to have some sort of messed up in their own history or makeup that they’re grappling with, and that’s either very healthy, or once in a while, not. Rehab is definitely one of the latter, and that duck just seems like the cherry on top of the pudding.