Ha-ha-ha! A joke about high gas prices! Didn’t expect this one to date so fast!

Also, Number 2 takes a full pan of muffins on vacation. A FULL PAN OF MUFFINS! Also, the stenciled sign in the background is pretty hard to read, but it says — NOTICE: CAP’N REHAB IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MINION PERSONAL ITEMS LOST IN EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION.

Related to the topic, I’ll be away from the computer next week and I’ve been too busy even to set things up to run on autopilot. So, no Minions posts till I get back. Sorry!

We just signed papers to build a new garage/shop building that will in part serve as a warehouse for all the Minions at Work props and figures that have taken over my office. I’m leaning towards leaving my Minions shooting stage here, but the new building might also serve as a backup studio. Anyway, it’s going to be a busy summer while an old garage attached to my office gets demolished and the new building put up. I’m working towards Minions at Work 2.0 as fast as I can, but this project is making it hard. Once the building is done, it should be clear sailing, but I’m still hoping to get the wheels turning some before then, if I can just find some time and space to work!