I deeply apologize. I’ve managed through this whole construction chaos to keep cranking out new cartoons every week in some form, but this week finally caught up with me. Mrs. Minion Master and I took a few badly needed days off early this week to go out-of-town with friends, and when I came back, I found myself with paying business that needed tending to (including some Minions at Work related stuff that I’ll be talking about more soon).

Also, and I fully confess, “Stranger Things 2” happened. I’m weak.

Anyway, let this repeat serve as a reminder of where we are in continuity. In theory, all the cartoons you’ve been seeing in the last two years took place BEFORE 2012, the year when the Lairs fell, resulting from the betrayal of General Zed. When things “officially” reboot (soon, I promise!) there are going to be some changes, big and small, and a bunch of new characters (including several new Minions) showing up. It’s going to be fun.

– Steve