I built the 1/48th scale Apollo Saturn V model seen here from scratch (I did use a paper-kit I found on-line for some of the capsule parts) in roughly a week’s spare time. It’s about eight feet tall made mostly of common office and hardware store items, and was made as a party decoration for the 40th anniversary party at the condo-resort where my wife works (having opened the same summer as Apollo 11’s flight). I got it back afterwards and kept it in my office for a while, but I just didn’t have room for it. It’s currently in a collectables store on the Oregon coast, run by a friend of mine. It is technically for sale, and you can buy it if you meet my absurd price. Mainly, it’s there as a showy item for the tourists to gawk at, and I can probably borrow it back if I need it for Minions 2.0 at so me point.

I didn’t use the full rocket for this shot. It was too tall. I removed the third stage and capsule so it would fit on my studio table, and even then it poked up well above the top of my lighting grid. Definitely my tallest indoor set to date. By the way, I somehow mixed up my measurements for the lengths of the first and second stages, so the proportions are off (the first stage is too short, and the second too long). I didn’t have time to fix it before party, and it’s driven me crazy ever since, though nobody has ever looked at it and noticed till I mentioned it. If somebody ever DOES buy it, maybe I’ll make another one, take more than a week of rainy days when I can’t paint or work outside, and do it right this time!