As action-figures go, the Minions are already pretty big. Most Minions at Work cartoons are shot on a bench-top that’s about two and a half by four feet (and the earliest ones were done in less than half that space!). In scale to the figures, that’s only 24 feet by 15, a decent sized living room. And yet, the temptation there is to always make it look bigger. With modular set pieces, I’ve been able to build dozens of different lair areas over the years, all different, all looking like some part of the same whole. Still, I love wedging ever bigger props into those small spaces. When I saw this huge, Halloween decoration spider, I had to buy it, and had to work it into a Minions cartoon.

As for the gag, I like this one a lot. It plays into the workplace humor that I try to build the Minions around.