I’m away from my computer right now, so I’m (for the first time) leaving the site on auto-pilot to post this all by itself on Wednesday. It’s another experiment, and experiments often go badly, so if you aren’t seeing this till later, you’ll know why!


The building project is still not done, still late, and still over-budget, but we’re closing in on being able to move in, which will be a real shot in the arm for the comic. I’ll finally have space to organize my props, sets, and figures, and it will give me a larger back-up stage so I can actually have two sets going at once if I want. The last of the outside concrete could be poured any day now, weather permitting, and the interior is ready for wall boards and insulation. We still haven’t finished the paint, and with our weather here, that might have to wait till spring, but we can use the building till then anyway.