A new cartoon page!

As I’ve said, working with old photography to do these multi-panel strips is challenging, in that while I often took several shots on each setup from different angles and with different framing, I usually didn’t move the figures or anything else between shots. And often I had the figure who was supposed to be talking making some kind of hand or arm gesture to help you identify that they were supposed to be talking. But spread that over multiple panels, and it looks like they’re asking permission to leave the cartoon for a bathroom break!

No real movement here either, but both characters were in a relaxed position that allowed them to naturally carry on a conversation. So yeah, it’s a little talky, but I couldn’t have them do much of anything else EXCEPT talk! Anyway, I like this one. Let me know if you agree.

(Special thanks to Junior Overlord Steve Fahnestalk for spotting a typo, now fixed!)