I love James Bond movies, especially the Sean Connery ones, and one of my favorites is “Doctor No,” which sort of sets the precedent for “James Bond attempt to infiltrate the villain’s lair and is captured” scenarios. You know, “show Bond your cool lair, tell him your evil plan, offer him some fine food and drink, then throw he and his lovely companion in a death-trap and/or laughably easy-to-escape cell.” And the cell in Doctor No is especially laughable. There’s an easily reachable ventilator grate the size of a barn door, and made out of chicken wire and sticks. Of course, there are a couple of death-traps once Bond gets into the huge, easily transversable ducts, but they’re easily escaped, and the next thing you know, Doctor No’s lair is about to blow itself up, courtesy, as I recall, of the large, clearly labeled, self-destruct switch, that every evil lair should have.

Watching this movie, you have to wonder, what sort of thinking and planning on the villain leads to such situations. Thus this cartoon.

Also, I notice that I mispelled “poisonous.” Tough. Not fixing it today.