Oh, so THIS is the cartoon I should have posted for the opening of “Star Wars, The Force Awakens. Except did you know that SWTFA is unique of all Star Wars movies to date in that NOBODY gets a limb cut off? Yeah, starting with Obi Wan’s rather random decision to cut some drunk’s arm off for being a jerk in “A New Hope, Luke’s hand in “The Empire Strikes Back,” and going retroactively through Darth Maul’s lower torso, Anakin’s hand (and later, legs), and many others, the films are infamous for their strange infatuation with dismemberment.

Okay, in reference to this joke, and with apologies to George Lucas, I’m not aware of any actual decapitations in Star Wars. But it still made me chuckle, so I ran with it.

This is one of the later cartoons, in that it features the mechanical body that Minion Number 9 (with some help from me) made for him.  I really like the prop, but in the context of single panel cartoons, it was kind of visually confusing and tended to vanish into the lair background, especially in regard to the arms. I’m hoping I can make some modifications in Minions 2.0, maybe some additions of color, or covering the confusing joints (actually Lego Bionicle joints) in the elbows.