An ALL NEW comic today, though it does utilize some old photography, and reflects the limitations of repurposing my old work in the new multi-panel format. I had a lot of shots of this setup, some from slightly different angles, but none of the figures MOVED between shots. So I had to play with framing to give the comic some life. I REALLY wish I’d had a shot of Minion Number 2 turned towards the window in the door for that final panel, or a shot of the Great 80s hero looking in from outside. No such luck.

Today I did a photo shoot that hopefully you’ll be seeing part of in next week’s seriously-for-real-all-new comic. I did two fairly simple setups using only a single figure, and I shot 99 photos, different angles, different head turns, different leg and arm poses. Hopefully that will be enough for the two cartoons I have planned, plus others down the road using the photos for scripts I haven’t even thought of yet. But as I’m learning, there are NEVER enough photos. We’ll see how it goes.

By the way, the line “The Good Guys always win, even in the 80s” is the final line from the infamously bad 1980s (in date and definitely in look and tone) action movie, “Megaforce.” You can see a YouTube clip of the line, HERE. Check that hair! Check that headband!