Hey! It’s a never before seen Minions at Work cartoon. Yes, it’s using recycled photography, but it’s a new gag, and using new-style word balloons, so I’m calling it new!

This was just sort of a random bit of inspiration derived from today’s real-life events here at Minions Studios. We (and by “we,” I mean Gary, our contractor, and his assistant) started knocking down a building.


The current Minions Studio (and my office) are behind the wall at the rear, under the brown roof. The long structure at the left (which continues along the side of my office to the front of the house), along with the enclosed sun porch that covered the space seen here, are being demolished to make way for a new shop/storage building that will house the logistic part of Minions at Work (prop and set-building, plus storage of same). The primary shooting stage will likely stay in my office. The old structures had serious issues already, that situation was brought to a head by severe storm damage back in December. It just wasn’t worth fixing the building, and we desperately needed the space. Demolition will be finished this week, and construction will begin as soon as the permits are done. We’re hoping to start moving in by the first of July.

This is already easing a huge roadblock to the restart Minions at Work 2.o. Right now, all the stuff in the former building has been repacked and consolidated into two storage units. There’s some room left over, so I’m moving stuff OUT of my office to make the shooting stage properly usable again. When the building is done, all the stuff in storage, plus a bunch of stuff still in the office and house, will go in as well, and I’ll finally have an organized, spacious, working environment in which to build, assemble, and shoot.

I’ll be posting more photos as the new building goes up and we start to move in.