This is how a lot of actual elections in this country work.

Whoops, almost got political here, so I’ll stop. (And that means the comments too, posters. I will nuke political comments like the evil overlord that I am!)

I love these Legion of Dread meetings, and I plan plenty more of them in Minions at Work 2.0. And there should be a few more Overlords attending, if I can find them proper chairs! Otherwise, there will probably be a rotating roster in attendance. This is also a fine example of the character dynamic of Doctor Head-in-a-jar. He’s an underdog among Overlords. The others overlook him, mistreat him, neglect him, and Coldblood down right bullies him.

Seemingly DHIAJ just takes the abuse, but I’ve established that his jar often shows up in the background in the most unlikely places. It may be that Doctor Head-in-a-jar is spying on everyone, and he has collected a trove of valuable information and blackmail material. It could be that he has, or maybe he will, find a way to enact his revenge and settle the score, especially with Coldblood.