Below is some photographic evidence that we did have a literal drywall day here at Minions at Work Headquarters last weekend. This was preceded by a week and a half of non-stop work as Mrs. Minion Master and I installed all the insulation in our new building ahead of the drywall. (We tried to get the Minions to do it, but those guys are useless. We did have a family based drywall crew, but we won’t insult those guys by calling them Minions!) Still a few more days of drywall to finish up, plus lots of mudding, sanding, painting, and other interior work, but after a year and a half since our old garage was damaged in a storm beyond repair, we’re going to have STORAGE and a SHOP again! The shop will also be multipurpose, usable as a video studio, photo studio, and more. (Everything on casters. That’s my goal.)

Anyway, I did manage to put together a cartoon this week, even if it’s a little late. Here’s to the bigger and better photo shoots that the new space will allow!