Okay, this is the first original, Minions at Work cartoon in several years!

Well, kinda new. There’s no new photography here, but there’s a new gag on which the layout is built, rather than throwing some photos in some panels at random and then writing nonsense dialogue. Again, I’m playing and practicing with Adobe InDesign. There are some unnecessary frills here, like the curved panels lines at the top, just because I’m experimenting. And this could have been a single panel cartoon, but I thought showing the drop added some clarity, especially since the radio in Number 2’s hand isn’t at all obvious.

This panel was suggested by a joke long-time on-line pal Sean Huxter messaged me back about the time the new Star Wars movie was being released, and it would have been much more timely to have released it then, but that was about the time I started running into major problems with Manga Studio. I started a version in that program, abandoned it, and tonight, did this new one from scratch. Sean is a fellow 1/6th scale collector, and a really great 3D artist and 3D printer enthusiast. Check out his work at www.Huxter.org

And just for the record, I really do hate ninjas. Freaking 80s clichés that just won’t die! Bah!