There are some jokes that could be done in a multi-panel form, but which I think probably are still funnier in a single panel. This is one of them. Sure, you could break this up into an argument between two characters, but I think that would rob it of some of its punch. It’s better to let the selfishly goal-driven and short-sighted Number 2 make his case in one, big, speech and leave you to imagine how it’s received by the other characters.

Things I like here: That Number 2 is armed with a Super Soaker water gun. That’s an officially licensed key-chain, and it actually works!

I also like pizza. I’d been intended to make this more of a running gag, that pizza is Minion kryptonite, but it came along fairly late in the run. About this time, my son and I had been working on a very silly “Minions at Work” card game, and “Pizza” was going to be the trumps-all wild car in the game. You had to shout “pizza!” when playing it, and it would have had all sorts of special abilities to mess the whole game up. Unfortunately, while we did design the card back and some of the cards in the deck (including Pizza), the pizza card is not one I have handy in uploadable form. But here are some of the other cards we designed.

Minions card_vertical template Minions card back (2) card treachery 1 (2) card espionage 1