Unfortunately I haven’t found time to do a new “Minions at Work” cartoon this week, so I’m presenting this classic repost instead. It is, however, appropriate, as the reason I haven’t had time to do a new cartoon is that we’re FINALLY working on the interior of our new shop/studio/storage building. Mrs. Minion Master and I have been knee-deep in insulation this week. Today, a huge crane delivered a load of drywall, and on Saturday, the crew should be here to put it in. This building is FINALLY going to replace the garage destroyed in a storm two years ago, and give us a proper place to store all the Minions props and sets. It also may double as an alternate shooting stage for cartoons, which may let me do some larger sets, and allow me to actually have two sets standing at one time.

But for that to happen, we have to have the insulation in and be ready for the drywall crew on Saturday. Clock is ticking. Wish us luck! Hope to be back next week with a new cartoon!

– Steve