This is a fairly early one. I can tell from Penguin’s helmet, and the fact that I can tell from the back walls this was shot on my first Minions stage, which was only HALF of the top of a two by four work bench. For that ear, this was a bit shot with a lot of characters in it, but there’s barely room for them all, and the set ends just out of frame in all directions.

As for the killer plants, well, I learned a long time ago that having a lot of a thing is much different than having one of a thing. The base toys here are actually Godzilla enemy Biollante (from “Godzilla vs. Biollante,” 1989). I really liked the looks of the toys (even though they’re a poor likeness of the movie monster) when they started showing up in thrift stores in large numbers for some reason. So I bought every one I could find. I actually think there may be a couple of different versions here in slightly different sizes, though I’m not sure. I then wrapped them in craft-store vines and other greenery to disguise them even more, and showing them in a group hides their individual appearances even more. So I don’t think their origin is that obvious. The fact that they’re also shown as being about a million times smaller than Biollante also helps.

Actually, I think this is the SECOND of two cartoons I did with this photo. It was shot for another gag that had something to do with watering, thus the several buckets, and that one plant chugging from a water bottle.

One more interesting thing is an Overlord that has been mentioned but never shown, Baron Badseed. I think I intended to make him an on-screen character, and I think I even had a start on a kitbash for his figure, but I never got round to it. Well, maybe in Minions at Work 2.o. I had been planning to add an expanded rotating cast to the Legion of Doom, so it could happen.

Details I love: That water bottle. Definitely that. Also, the assortment of cutting tools I was able to come up with for the Minions to use in defending themselves. And poor Newbie with his watering can. Chain-saws are inherently funny, but so are a matched pair of chrome-bladed buzz-saw pistols. Those things are crazy!