First, a bit of news. Tonight, I laid out the first page of the first story of “Minions at Work 2.0.” No, you can’t see it. It will appear as part of a “soft roll-out” of the strip some time in coming weeks. The first story will appear on some sort of regular schedule. The first story will run five pages (unless I think of some more material while I’m laying them out). I could run it all in one week, a new page every day (which you might like, but which will burn off hard-earned material WAY too quick), or as I’m more inclined, two new pages a week (maybe Tuesday/Wednesday or Tuesday Thursday?) to spread it out a bit. Each page ends on a stand-alone gag. The story won’t just be broken randomly. Thoughts?

Anyway, to celebrate, if you look at “Chapters” in the sidebar, there’s now a listing for “2.0 Minions at Work,” where the new material will be filed. Nothing there yet, but — soon!

As for today’s repost: I love dinosaurs. I love the absurdity of dinosaurs in modern settings. I think I got two or three cartoons out of this shot.

No dogs were harmed in the making of this cartoon.