Something a little different here, one of those motivational posters that used to be popular in the early days of internet memes. While this is a repost, it’s “remastered,” in that I updated the web-address, and edited the caption to be, in my opinion anyway, funnier and clearer as to who is speaking (Number 2, of course). This is also much higher resolution than previously posted.

I’m considering at some point releasing at least some of the MAW 1.0 cartoons in a remastered format, with better resolution, added word balloons, and possibly edited captions and dialogue to take advantage of that. But that’s down the road, after the new stuff starts flowing regularly.

I had to look up on the old site to see if the Great 80s Hero’s sidekick had a name. It is, indeed, “Sidekick Boy.” This may be his only appearance so far. He was thrown together because I thought it would be funny to have a kid to beat up on the Intern (AKA, “Minion 333”). There’s also a glitch here with the Intern, who has an unexplained blue blob in his hand. Actually, the Intern is almost always seen talking on a cell phone, and the blob is a bit of Poster Tack adhesive designed to hold the phone there. Apparently it dropped off in the course of setting this up, and I didn’t notice.