There will be an all-new “Minions at Work” page next week. How do I know? Because it’s already done! I’ll try to deliver up something new every week until MAW 2.0 launches. No promises, but I’m trying here!

This is one of the very earliest Minions at Work cartoons (note that it still says “Minions” and not “Minions at Work” suggesting it’s still 2006 or 2007), and I really like it. I went to some effort to find some appropriate “evil ladies” to appear as Number 2’s locker pin-ups. And I had just gotten this great Hawaiian that has become Number 2’s signature off-duty wear. Also, the punch line.

It’s really not consistent with Number 2’s later character that he’d even be tempted by this offer (unless there was a substantial stack of cash involved), but I’ll allow it here.