I don’t THINK I’ve run this as a repost, but it seems somehow like I have. I know I’ve run a cartoon with this photo, but this is one I’ve reused a couple times. So, if you’ve seen this recently, sorry! It’s getting harder to keep track of what I haven’t used before (and the supply is likely running short)!

By the way, I’m pleased to report that, as of Sunday night, Minion Number 9 is back and ready for action! The figure had fallen off a counter a while back, and one of his arms broke off at the elbow. While I have lots of spare caucasian bodies for my Minions, the minority figures are harder to come by. In the U.S., so far as I know, the style of figure I use is now sold only by Big Lots stores, and stocked only as part of their Christmas toy selection. I live 70 miles from the nearest Big Lots, and by the time I got there, they had nothing left but little, plastic, white guys.

I put out the word on the internet, without success, and had nearly given up, when I finally discovered ONE African-American figure in a Big Lots in Las Vegas while visiting there at Christmas. It was a great relief, as Number 9 is one of my favorite Minions characters, and I’m always trying to add MORE diversity to the team, not let it slide the other way! But the figure has been sitting around in the box for the last five months, and I only just got around to transplanting Number 9’s head, gloves, uniform and gear (including his all-important bling) to the new body. By the way, I’ve since managed to get one more new African-American figure, and I’ll be using him to add a new character to the mix pretty soon after MAW 2.o launches! I’m also planning to add a new female character as well, as soon as I can work some costume issues out.

So much to do! So little time.

By the way, this post is also a reminder of the out-of-pocket expenses that rebooting Minions at Work requires. I’ve finally gone in and revamped my Patreon page so that now offers sponsorship on a monthly basis. That is, you can sign up to contribute, say, a buck (or more, who am I to complain?) a month to help support Minions at Work. Support evil starting at a crummy $12 a year. That will barely get you a fast food meal these days, but if enough of you did it, it could really help me create new content. Click the Patreon link in the sidebar at left, or use the link HERE. And right now, the only rewards for contributors are some honorary titles. But in the future, if there’s interest, I’ll be looking into that, things like exclusive content, bonus cartoons, and maybe the chance to see cartoons before everyone else. We’re still evolving!