The robot here is an electronic toy called a Maxbot Max 1. Basically in design he’s an unlicensed knock-off of Honda’s famous robot demonstrator ASIMO, rendered in slightly larger than 1/6th scale (The real ASIMO was just over four feet tall, and this one scales closer to six feet, though from this angle he looks shorter than the Minions). Fortunately, for the purposes of this cartoon, its fortunate that ASIMO has a color scheme very close to my Minions.

The case that the robot is carrying is a weapons case originally included with one of Hasbro’s figures from the short-lived “Sigma Six” GI Joe line. Sigma Six was a line of rather lackluster, 8″ figures in a style that blend d anime style with the angular look of cheap CGI animation. But the figures, especially the early once, came with really awesome accessories, some of the nicest weapons and hand props since the glory days of the early 12″ Joes. The figures have never much interested me, but I love the accessories when I find them. The early figures also each came with a case like this to store all their gear in. I think they’re intended as footlockers of some sort. Anyway, they stack well, and have a nice sci-fi look to them, so a grab them when I find them in thrift stores.