We’re back from our holiday break, but we’re not done with Doctor Santa just yet!

On more important news, Patreon has backed down on their decision to add fees on YOUR end of the transaction that would have especially impacted the kind of small, dollar-a-month contributions that we hope you folks will continue to support us with. They have stated that there will be SOME sort of change in the fee structure down the line, but for now, they’ve recognized how badly they bungled this and have apologized. Frankly, if there were another good alternative out there, we’d be all over it, but right now, there isn’t. However, Paypal has an alternate funding service called Drip in beta-testing, and we’re on the list for information and will be checking it out as soon as it goes public and will consider offering it as an alternative or replacement if it looks good. Thanks for those of you who have stuck with us, and for those who haven’t, well, I understand, but I hope you’ll give it another go. And if you HAVEN’T been supporting the comic, well, now’s your chance. Anyway, I love you guys just for reading, so thanks to all of you! 

Your Minion Master,