I really love this set and lighting setup. As it happens, I was handling some of these same props today for a shoot I hope to do this week and that hopefully you’ll be seeing maybe next week. Nothing so elaborate, I’m afraid, but serviceable I hope. I’m also busy shooting on the park set I built for the Minions 2.o reboot storyline, shooting a huge number of shots using various combinations of characters. There’s something about the simplicity of a couple of Minions sitting down on a park bench relaxing and talking about stuff, I hope I can get a large number of pages out of it down the line. But this is time-consuming, and with studio space VERY limited right now, I can’t set up a new set until I finish and tear the park down.

So, I’m hoping I can throw together a simple set somewhere else, maybe in my kitchen, to shoot some more MAW 2.0 prequel material. It’s going to be a challenge, what with construction and other projects going on, but I’m going to try.