Okay, I admit it’s strange. I get very excited when I find new props, and sometimes the most mundane ones are the best. Sinks. Mops. TOILETS! Oh, the toilets made me happy! One is a doll accessory, but the one with a brown lid is an old-style novelty gag item. It’s designed so that you fill the tank with water, and when the lid is lifted by some curious person, a squirt nozzle in the bowl squirts them in the face! Ha-ha! Humor certainly has advanced since the stone age! Just watch any Adam Sandler movie!

This is one of the very last cartoons before the hiatus, which means nothing to us here now, since I’m reposting them in random order, and we’re not out of cartoons yet. But perhaps there is some story to be derived from this, from Number 9’s growing dissatisfaction with being a Minion. It feeds into what has happened to him since the fall, and where we pick him up afterwards.