Ah, Newbie screws up yet again. This one makes me laugh, and there are several things I really like about it, especially Number 10 and another unidentified Minion in the background finding comfort in each other’s arms. And the punch line just makes me laugh, especially wondering where that emerald came from.

A couple of things I like less. The unidentified hero in the foreground is standing kind of funny. I try not to use stands on my figures any more than necessary, usually coaxing them to stand on their own. Most of the Minions have very flat-bottomed boots that make that pretty easy most times, but the boots on the hero figure had heels and were small and just didn’t hold him upright very well. I needed to bend the body to provide a VERY precise balance point, and he kept falling over with every vibration and draft anyway. Tricky shot to get.

I’m also not sure how clear and convincing it is that he just burst through a door. I scattered splinters of wood around, but it always bugged me. Maybe I should have put a jagged piece of wall around the door on the floor, as though he’d just ripped it out, frame and all, but I didn’t think of it at the time.