What is Cap’n Rehab’s “thing?” This cartoon pretty well sums it up.

Building and lighting sets for Cap’n Rehab’s submarine, the “Naughtyless” is loads of fun, and I keep getting sucked into spending inordinately large amounts of time building props and set pieces for it. I’ve continued to do so, even as “Minions at Work” has slid into hiatus. That means when Minions at Work 2.0 comes along, I REALLY need to think up new story and gag ideas for what is kind of a one note character. One idea is to have the good (well, evil) Cap’n conducting therapy sessions with unrepentant celebrities. Said celebrities won’t actually appear (well, maybe you’ll see their feet as they’re reclined on the therapy couch), but their world balloons will come from just off panel.

Of course, as this panel shows, the problem with celebrity humor is that it’s very topical, and goes stale quickly. Do you remember why any of these people were in PR trouble back in 2011 when this cartoon was written? I’m not sure I do. But it seemed funny at the time. But you can still enjoy the pretty colors, the interesting props, and the ocean outside the porthole. Oooooh!