Some notes on this week’s comic:

  1. Yes, it’s late. Or rather, I completely missed last week. Work on the new building has hit a critical point (we’re getting REALLY close to having the inside finished). So something had to give, and it was the comic. Sorry. I’ll make it up to you, now or later.
  2. I will TRY to do a second comic later in the week. No promises, but I’ll try.
  3. Yes, it looks pretty much like last week’s comic with different words. A. See note number 1. B. It’s some guys in a bunk bed talking. What do you expect? C. If it’s good enough for Doonesbury, it’s good enough for me.
  4. Even though I didn’t do a comic last week, I DID work on “Minions at Work.” First, I did some lighting and set tests for the missing first segment the long-delayed but already in production “reboot” story-line. Also (and I’m excited about this) I turned in the first Minions at Work cartoon that (other than my meager, and I thank all you who contributed profusely, Patreon income) I’m actually getting PAID for! It’s a reprint of a favorite cartoon that will appear in “Issue Zero,” of the reborn “Pulphouse Fiction Magazine” from WMG Publishing and editor Dean Wesley Smith. This is a quarterly continuation of the classic, award-winning  Pulphouse Hardback Magazine of the 1990s. Issue Zero is an all-reprint reward for Kickstarter backers (the project is already funded), but thereafter, issues will include about 70K words of new and reprint fiction, PLUS an ALL NEW Minions at Work cartoon page! These pages WILL show up here (and they are in addition, not in place of our existing comic stream) but only about a year after publication. But our Patreon supporters (and a buck or more a month) will get them at the same time as they appear in Pulphouse, a little “Thank you,” to everyone chipping in to keep these comics coming!
  5. Yes, I know that in the final panel, grammar compels that it should be “further” and not “farther” in Number 9’s line, but it’s a nerdy reference to a Star Wars quote, and they used “farther” there as well. If you still don’t get it, here’s the clip on YouTube.