Bonus panel!potus-due2

Yes, I took the week off. Just too much going on to feel like being funny.

And yes, this is political. Hopefully not in-your-face, must-induce-outrage political, just irreverent and mocking as Minions at Work has always been. I certainly don’t intend to turn this into a political comic, but if I am inspired, it’s going to happen. The whole world is my (potential) target, and I’m not planning to avoid political humor, if I think it’s funny or has something to say.

Any comments are always welcome, but partisan political comments are very, VERY vulnerable to being nuked. You are warned. I am the Supreme Overlord, and my authority in this little lair is total.

And what’s up with the “Bonus Panel” above? Well, for some time I’ve been doing what I call the “Float Gag.” The float gag was an additional joke or punch line that appeared on desktop systems when you hovered the cursor over the cartoon. But it didn’t always work, even on desktops, and it was even more of a problem for mobile users. And I suspect most users didn’t even know it existed. Since my goal (other than bonus humor) was to get people to click-through to the site, that wasn’t doing me a lot of good, I suspect.


So, here’s my alternative, an added panel that will appear on the blog posts for those who click-through. This still may create some problems on the mobile version of the site, but I’m sure that’s a solvable problem. Plus, I can now to some more complex gags and visual humor that wouldn’t work in the old float gag. Hope you enjoy.