One of the more satisfying moments in the early spy movies was when the hero blew up the villain’s secret lair and some random henchman would get blown off a ledge or catwalk and fly to the air to their probable death. Sure, we knew it was some stunt-man, and that he was probably landing on a huge airbag or a giant pile of cardboard boxes just off the bottom of the frame. Didn’t matter. We lived for that guy. That guy was one of the major inspirations for the whole “Minions at Work” concept.

With this set I tried to give the illusion that the Minions were standing on a catwalk very high in the air. Not so much. The stage floor is just a couple of inches below the frame. To feed the illusion, the crossed members in the back cross very near the bottom, suggesting that there’s just as much pipe below the crossing as above. No, there isn’t. And there’s also the metal spire on the right that suggests the top of some kind of tall tower. No again.

One thing I’d like to do in Minions at Work 2.0 is give the lair a little more scope, maybe show some of those ant-hill like multiple levels that were only suggested and inferred in panels like this.