Well, we’re back from our travels, and it was a disaster. Once again, I blame the Forces of Good.

On the way to Reno I got sick. Shortly after we arrived, my wife got sick. Then my friend Sean, who was there with is, and my son. Flu. Drive-by flu. Martian Death Flu. Laughs-at-the flu-vaccine-and-disses-its-mother-flu. Kicks-when-you’re-down-and-keeps-on-kicking flu. Four of our party of six was ill, and a fifth got sick as soon as she got home.

Anyway, I’m back and will resume regular cartoon posting on Sunday night. This is a little something out-of-character to hold you over.  I think I used it to wrap up a special series of “Overlords at Work” cartoons where the Minions did not appear, but it’s fun anyway. It’s an early experiment with dialog balloons, and a rare example of Doctor Head-in-a-jar speaking.

One thing you may notice that DHIAJ’s jar is empty. There’s no real liquid in there, and I normally add the green liquid inside using photo editing. Didn’t happen here, obviously.