This isn’t the last Minions at Work 1.0 cartoon ever done, but you could argue that it’s the last scene in Minion at Work 1.0 continuity: Doctor Coldblood’s lair about to explode, and the doctor himself courageously abandoning his Minions as he dives for the escape pod, leaving them to their fate (which was obviously to escape relatively unharmed, or there would be no Minions at Work 2.0).

Note that Minion Number 2 is NOT in this cartoon. I suspect he’s well on his way to the exit by now, if not well on his way to the nearest airport!

I really love that escape pod, which reminds me of the space pods from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.” It’s made from a vehicle toy in some line that was an unsuccessful foray by Lego into action figures. I got a couple of them on clearance, and this one was completely disassembled, modified to fit the larger 12″ figures I use (though it’s still a tight fit, and figures without very good leg articulation won’t work), repainted it, detailed it, added some parts, removed some others, and it became my “escape pod.”

The high-tech girder archway over the door is actually part of an “as seen on TV” gizmo called (I think) the “Can-Around.” It’s a race track intended to guide soda and beer cans around “unused” space in the back of your fridge. I found a bag of parts from this in a thrift store and had to have them. They had a great nautical/retro-spaceship/mid-century modern look to them, and I had to have them. Only later did I discover their original purpose! There’s a whole kid of sliding, interlocking parts, and I spray painted them primer gray to make them more industrial and in keeping with common lair designs.