Back to the speeding picture. Okay, I admit, I love this one. I don’t promise not to use it again in MAW 2.0! I’ve talked about pretty much everything in this picture before, so I’ll let it go at that.

I love the Minionmobile. As I’ve explained, it’s actually a golf cart at a smaller scale than the Minions action figures, and I had to do several modifications to allow them to sit in it, raising the roof, raising the seat, adjusting the steering wheel. What’s exciting is that, during the shutdown I found another of the hard-to-locate golf carts to modify into a second Minionmobile that I hope to convert soon, and a futuristic fashion doll car that I hope to modify into a “command Minionmobile” just for Minion No. 1. That opens up all sorts of possibilities. Minionmobile crashes. Minionmobile races. Minionmobile traffic jams. Who knows what I can come up with?