I’ve never considered gift wrapping to be one of my super-powers. Oh, I’m creative enough, but when it comes to cutting a piece of wrapping paper that is JUST big enough, and making all the precise folds for neat flaps, and making it all nice and tight, I’m usually a failure. And of course, there are those odd gifts that aren’t neat box shapes. Those are always a special pain to wrap. So one year I looked at the leftover wrapping paper and started to wonder what kind of crazy thing I could wrap for a cartoon. My eye fell on a toy T-Rex…

It’s not the greatest joke in the world, but I like how the dinosaur came out. I especially like that “ninja turtle” style mask!

Maybe because I liked the picture, and I thought this cartoon was weak, I reused the photo with a different caption later, themed around birthday gifts rather than Christmas. It’s still kind of a weak cartoon, though it’s probably better. I considered running it here as a “twofer,” but that just makes a couple weak cartoons even weaker, so I’ll push it out as possible filler down the road.

By the way, last time I looked, this T-Rex (I have four or five of them) was STILL wearing this wrapping paper, seven years down the pike! Hey, I might think of another use for him yet!