(Views are always down over the weekend, so Christmas cartoons will resume after the weekend. We rejoin Minions at Work Classics, already in progress.)

This cartoon arises out of my dislike for Ninjas. Honestly, if there are two weak and over-used (in my opinion) tropes I hate, it’s ninjas and zombies. Okay, vampires too, but I can kinda work with vampires. And I’m not going to say you’ll never see a ninja in Minions at Work, because this is Minions at Work, and it has a ninja in it. (There are also some MAW cartoons with zombies in them, but I didn’t actually shoot those — long story, and we’ll get to those cartoons eventually.) I just don’t like ninjas though. They’re like you crossed the worst aspects of a mime with a bad street magician and gave them a sword.

And ninjas ruined everything you add them too. Again, just my opinion, but ninjas kind of ruined Batman. They DEFINITELY ruined GI Joe. (Okay, I’ll confess Snake Eyes is pretty cool looking, but he belongs in his own series, and toy line, and not clashing with the rest of GI Joe like ketchup on ice-cream.

Anyway, if you DO see a ninja here, it will probably just be so that I can kill him or humiliate him in some way. Like here.