I love scenes, in the locker-room, or lunch room, or just in an abandoned warehouse, where the Minions are just kind of hanging out.

I think this may have been the first time after getting them that I could have fun just putting random rats into things. Shortly after this, I went back and bought some more (I think they were two bucks for a tube-full at Fred Meyers). They came in assorted colors, but the white ones weren’t that useful except for the occasional laboratory scene, so I ended up coloring a bunch of those with black, permanent, marker. You can see a white one on top of the locker in the background. Maybe he escaped from the lab, and is infected with some horrible plague. Yeah, probably that.

As I recall, the grill in the foreground is actually a wire cover intended for the lights on an off-road vehicle. I found it at a thrift store, and decided it would make a good Minion-sized radar dish at some point (something I still haven’t done). The locker scene was already sitting there from another cartoon, and it was a moment of inspiration that lead me to hold it in front of the camera, and in turn, suggested the joke. For a comic featuring unanimated action figures, there’s a lot of improvisation in “Minions at Work.”