Just a little something for Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome.

More of those silly little props that make me happy. Garbage cans, traffic cones, park benches, street lights.

I think this is one of the earlier cartoons where I started dumping the over-saturated lighting, started using practical LED lighting in sets, and generally darkened it down. I think this works pretty well. I also like that “Hall of Justice” building facade in the background.  A spice rack covered with marble contact paper forms the steps, and the porch columns are mailing tubes with the same treatment. The finials on the steps came from a dollar store. The decorative double-doors (which don’t show much in this cartoon) are actually a printed photograph, and they’re not to scale, making the set look bigger than it is. My favorite detail? The bus stop sign, once again just a printed picture cut out and stuck there with some poster-tack adhesive. Really sells the scene.