Not exactly a cartoon, but back in 2007 I did a couple of parody magazine (flat, papery things full of advertisements, for you young people) covers as a bonus feature for the old site. Here they are stitched into one panel, and in slightly higher resolution than seen before. If you don’t recognize the one on the left, it was based on the then popular “Martha Stewart’s Living.” (If you’re having trouble reading these, click HERE for a bigger version.)

Stand by for TWO new cartoons later this week! One is all new, the other started out as a “Classics Remastered” panel that just went off in its own direction. (Patreon supporters, of course, get them now, because THEY ARE AWESOME!)

(Okay, you’re awesome too, just for coming here, but they’re just the TINIEST bit MORE awesome! TINY!)

(But they still get cartoons now, and you must wait a bit. Sorry!)

                                                            Minion Master Steve