Though this is higher resolution than the original version, you still can’t QUITE read the little post-it note on the door. I believe it says:



Other than the resolution and the updated format (word balloons, boxes, etc.) this isn’t hugely changed from the original. I did tweak Number 2’s lines to be more in character (this was so early in the Minions run that I was still treating him as just a generic Minion) and to (I hope) make them a little funnier.

I had lost the release JPG file for this cartoon, and though I had the original Paint Shop Pro files, I don’t have many of the fonts I used. So I went back to the original photo and redid the entire layout in Adobe InDesign, just like the MAW 2.o cartoons. Since I know I have more cartoons with this problem, and since I’m running low on other cartoons to repost, you’ll be seeing more of these “remasters” in the weeks to come.