Update: I’ve uploaded an amended version of the cartoon to correct a glaring spelling error that I though I’d already corrected before posting. Obviously when we get to full production, I’m going to need some “beta readers” to check the copy for errors before the cartoons go public. No shame in that. Nobody should edit their own copy.

Also, there was a dialog glitch with an unclear pronoun that crept in during editing and bugged me, but wasn’t worth fixing on its own. Now also fixed…

Another new multi-panel cartoon done in MAW 2.0 style. The joke was kind of forced to fit the image, so I don’t have huge confidence in it, but you just never know till you get audience reaction. Anyway I continue to learn. This was an exercise in advanced word balloon formatting, and I think it came off pretty well overall, even if I’m still learning to manage the “tails” that indicate dialog direction. I learned a couple new tricks to speed up the process this time. Formatting these is a LOT of work, so I want to streamline it as much as possible to save time.

I still haven’t decided what schedule MAW 2.o will run on. Weekly as before is certainly doable, but to build readership, it seems like I need more. Twice weekly? Once weekly with occasional serialized stories to run daily? I dunno. We’ll see. If it’s stay very frequent, I’ll need some incentive, either in terms of Patreon funding goals, or at least seeing a lot more traffic to the site. We’ll see.