Long answer. I had a major heart attack. The kind that normally kills you. And didn’t notice for a couple of weeks. Oh, I knew I was sick. I thought I had bronchitis or some such for two weeks, but it didn’t get better, and when I went in and got a chest X-Ray, they told me I had congestive heart failure.

Wow. That would have been nice. It quickly escalated.  Instead, I had such a heart attack that I had blown a quarter sized hole between the two, lower chambers of my heart. I was quickly in the ambulance to be whisked from the small local hospital to a cardiac center 70 miles away, where my wife and I would spend the next three weeks while I got strong enough for heart surgery.

But then, they replaced my broken heart with an ATOMIC MECHANICAL REPLACEMENT WITHOUT MERCY OR PITY!!!

No, that would have been kind of awesome. What they did was crack my chest open like a crab, go in, and patch the hole. I’ll settle for that.

I’m home and doing well, but this is a BIG, tramatic, life change. That plus recovery are eating my life right now. But don’t worry. MAW will go on, though it will be a while of improvisation before it returns to its intended form. But it’s GREAT to be back doing something creative again, and I hope to get back to writing as well soon.

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Thanks, Gang! It’s great to be back!

Your (slightly impaired) Minion Master, Steve