I really hadn’t intended to stray even remotely near a health-care topic, especially so soon, but this one sort of went there anyway. Obviously, a subject much on my mind. It didn’t help that the “Epipens” in this cartoon are actually a collection of the safety plugs that come in the disposable lancets (little devices used to prick your finger) I use in my diabetic testing. I’ve been saving them up in a jar for the past five weeks, saying, “I’ll use these for something in Minions,” with no idea what they’d be. Then I made the leap to injector pens, and the rest just sort of followed along.

This is another experiment with using an image on my computer screen as a background, and I think it worked pretty well. Now, if I just had a 50 inch screen to stick behind my Minions “stage” out in the office! Keep those Patreon dollars coming!

See you guys next week.

– Minion Master, Steve