The problem with doing a photo-comic is that sometimes you have to work pretty hard for a simple joke. This one was suggested by the clear GI Joe I’d gotten as a GI Joe Collector’s Club exclusive. That was easy. Building a “copy machine,” also relatively easy. But putting together a row of “identical” GI Joe figures to be the copies? That was hard. In fact, if you look closely, they AREN’T identical. Some of the heads are a different design, and even the hair colors don’t quite match. Through giving them different poses, I hoped to make that slightly less obvious. If I had been able to find four identical figures, I probably would have lined them up standing in the same neutral position to emphasize how identical they were. But I kind of like the idea of these clones coming out of the copy machine moving and stretching and trying out their new bodies. Anyway, I liked the copy machine idea so well that I used it for another joke later.