I’m always on the lookout for new 1/6th scale props, and sometimes I find one I just HAVE to have. In this case, it was an animatronic Halloween figure in an electric chair. The figure would scream and thrash around in a most-disturbing way while electrical arcing noises were heard and lights flashed. It was actually kind of disturbing, but that wasn’t the point. I wanted the chair!

While the chair was in pretty good scale, the figure itself was oversized and pretty much junk. I removed it, took out the animatronic functions, and ended up with a nice looking prop (though I had to remove the shackles with the figure, and I’d like to replace them with working ones). Working it into a Christmas cartoon was a nice juxtaposition I thought. Coming up with a line of kid figures in appropriate scale was a challenge, and I had to go to a variety of sources to pull this off. The young lady standing in front of the Penguin is actually Hermione Granger, turned so she wouldn’t be immediately recognizable! I liked the idea of putting the Penguin in the line too. He’s kind of child-sized, and it was just a funny idea.

This is also the first reposted cartoon with the Minions “winter” uniform. The fur-trimmed vests were actually made as Christmas ornaments by a major sporting goods store. I found them in a clearance bin for a buck a piece, and grabbed every one they had. I love that the winter uniform, just like the regular one, has no sleeves!