Well, this brings to a close this year’s all-star run of “Minions at Work” holiday comics. Appropriately, this is one of the most elaborate I’ve ever done, with tons of props, characters, tiny, working, Christmas lights on the Minionmobile, and even icicles. I’ve you look closely, you’ll spot several GI Joe Adventure Team toys from the 1970s, rendered in 1/36th scale (that being 1/6th scale of 1/6th “Minion” scale, rendering them properly sized relative to the characters. There are also some classic Tonka toys in there too.

This is the animated “Sax playing” Santa before I stripped his costume and head down for “Doctor Santa” to wear.

One note is that this must be one of the first appearances of Penguin, as he’s wearing the first, motocross-type helmet I found for him. I was later replaced with a more detailed and larger pilots helmet with lowering visor, which I like quite a lot better.

Happy holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Years, that-Friday-you-get-paid-for-not-going-to-work, or however you roll) to everyone out there. I’m going mobile until Christmas or the day after. Regular, daily, Minions at Work reposts will resume then. Come on back after you clean up the wrapping paper!

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