I found ways to work some of the wackiest props into Minions at Work cartoons, like the bird in the cage and the cafe table with umbrella. The bird was almost definitely a thrift store item (It’s hand made out of little slivers of bamboo!), and the table and umbrella — I don’t know. The exact, same table and folding chair (minus the umbrella) molded in brown appeared in play sets from those guys who did the unauthorized “U.S. Army” GI Joe knock-offs for a couple years, but I don’t know if this was part of some fashion doll set I bought new, or something that showed up at Goodwill. Anyway, I love those folding chairs, and it’s great to have them in different colors.

I’m kind of obsessed with 1/6th scale food and drink, and I’ve got a whole collection. Some are fashion doll items, but I’ve also found things in the form of novelty keychains, ‘fridge magnets, beads, and novelty erasers. I have no idea why I didn’t give Minion Number 2 a plate for his pastry. I certainly have them! Perhaps I just couldn’t find one on short notice. I’ve got most of the food and drink items organized into compartmented containers now, so they’re easier to find — if I don’t lose the containers!

I also love putting random details it scenes. In this one, the Minion (I have no idea which one it is, maybe Newbie) pushing the cart down the hall in the background has a snake draped over his shoulder. Why? I have no idea.