Yes, I used this exact same shot for a previously posted cartoon, and a joke that is similar in theme, if not detail. I just liked Number 2’s determined obliviousness to danger and came up with another line. Honestly, they’re probably too similar, and I should have run one or another. But maybe they were so far apart in the original run (I’m reposting these in essentially random order) that I figured it didn’t make a difference.

Anyway, I like this set quite a bit, though it was really a thrown together affair. The airliner nose wheel is actually a VERY cheap Power Rangers toy ended to be used by a child like a hammer. The hammer-head end had molded in wheels, and I thought it looked like landing gear when I spotted it in a thrift store. I think the belly of the plane was edited in later, but the rest of the set is “live.” The line ropes and stanchions are from a high-end fashion doll set of some sort. The “metal detector” arch is part of a Barbie play set of some kind (I think the flip side has retail shelves and displays of some kind). It would have looked better if I’d painted over the pink, but as I said, thrown together.

The “X” braces on the wall are another thrift store find, and I think they’re uprights for some sort of temporary (full-sized) store display. They looked like the braces you see on the interior of large hangar walls, and I thought they suggested I much bigger building that continues off frame. Actually, the set is very small, and if you think about it, the fuselage is way too close to the rear wall to allow for a wing of any size over there, but hopefully you didn’t think about that problem until I mentioned it!