We’re a little late this week, but I’m pleased to report that this is the first new set I’ve built for Minions at Work since my health misadventures started over three months ago! That’s also a lot of why I’m late. Not because it took so long (though it took a while, as did breaking down and putting away the “break room” set we’ve been using so much lately), but because the LED lighting that’s so important to this set didn’t work well during daylight. My studio has a number of windows, and it was too bright, so I had to wait for darkness to even start shooting. Blackout curtains may be in my future.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. As of Wednesday, I’m officially past my weight-lifting restriction of ten pounds, so I can FINALLY start pawing through my crates of MAW props and set parts to start putting together some new and more elaborate sets. Hopefully, the production values on cartoons will start to improve over the next month or two. Thanks for hanging with me through all this! Bright days ahead! (Yeah, definitely need some blackout curtains.)

– Minion Master Steve