(Update 5/6/2017: I lied! I decided to do a comic for next week after all, and it’s already done! I’ll set it to auto-post for Wednesday. But if you want to see it now, I’m about to post the draft comic for Patreon supporters at the $1 or more level!)

The robot arm seen here is a model of an actual industrial robot, a lucky thrift store find. But Kuka is a real company that makes robots, and hey, if you’re in the market for a robot arm, check them out. Because they make awesome toys! Kuka Robotics

Not sure if there will be a new cartoon next week, as I’m leaving town for a few days and time is crunched at the moment. My house-sitter can feed the cat and water the plants, but I’m not paying them enough to do this darned cartoon! There MAY be something, if I can throw it together on time, but no promises. Failing that, come back in TWO weeks for a new cartoon.

-Minion Master Steve